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I've been in your shoes. I work hard to support a family on a middle-income wage. It's time for people like you and I to represent our own interests in government. A truly representative democracy is what will make Wisconsin great again.

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We're constantly told that the wealthy create jobs. But anyone who's ever laid down a $20 bill for a sack of groceries or a hammer and nails is a job creator. Our economy is driven by consumer spending. Government can help. By investing in our infrastructure and renewable energy programs, we can put people to work now. Wisconsin needs a tax policy based on job creation, not corporate giveaways.

Create jobs with job hiring first tax cut incentives along with a credit for businesses that buy 100% American made.

As your next representative in the 38th Assembly District, I will advocate for our public education systems, fight for accessible health care, and embrace environmental stewardship to strengthen our economy.

I'm Scott Michalak, running in your shoes for Wisconsin's 38th Assembly District. If we are to win on Election Day, I will need your time, financial investment, and your vote. Help take back Wisconsin for working families.

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Tuesday November 6, 2012

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